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Performance in the Borderlands Project


Performance in the Borderlands is a presenting, public programming, and education initiative dedicated to the understanding and promotion of cultural performance in the borderlands. Our work posits the borderland as a conceptual landscape that embodies political and identity borders. The diversity of cultures, histories, and artistic traditions in the borderlands inspires new ways of thinking about performance and art, which open new meanings for identity and social engagement. We advocate for local, national, and international artists and fund performances, lectures, workshops, and social engagements for community members and students.

Key to our work is the curation of diverse representations of performance, which include theatre, dance, visual art, and media. We cultivate “spaces of generosity” where artists, students, and community members come into critical proximity to experience, collaborate, and talk about arts and politics in ways that foster intimacy and idea exchange.

For more information visit the website at theatrefilm.asu.edu/initiatives/borderlands/